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We are dedicated to in-person and online conflict resolution, and we maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, professionalism, efficiency and flexibility. We bring a positive approach to conflict, focusing on developing, growing and strengthening our clients throughout the process.

We offer a full spectrum of conflict resolution services at the national and international level.


We assist corporations and organizations with their negotiations, both bilateral and multilateral. Our well-established background in negotiation, communication, external relations and diplomacy makes us your strategic partner in excellence

Corporate and Family Mediation

Why choose mediation? Because it is a voluntary process that is confidential, private, flexible, more proactive and less costly than judicial solutions. By mediating, you are more likely to preserve your relationships and achieve agreements that endure for all parties involved. As a neutral and impartial third party, Grupo Negociar will guide the mediation process, both in person and virtually. We have the tools and experience to perform cross-border mediations, and we can be wherever you need us…when you need us.

Organizational Ombuds

An Ombuds is an agent of change who operates independently of the organizational structure. They work informally, maintaining confidentiality and impartiality, and can be effective at resolving conflict because they have more flexibility within the system. In your organization, Grupo Negociar can work with individuals and groups to facilitate issues that might otherwise impede productivity or cause security risks to your company and staff.

Training and Workshops

We offer in-person and virtual training sessions, either at your company’s worksite or via video conference, for both the public and private sectors. Currently, we offer the following topics for negotiation and leadership: -The ABCs of Negotiation. -Organizational Conflict Resolution

Mariana Tarzia

With a degree in International Relations, Mariana specializes in alternative dispute resolution, negotiation and corporate and family mediation. She worked for more than ten years in Washington, DC, leaving her mark at international organizations and in the private sector. After participating in the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University, Mariana founded Grupo Negociar. She currently resides in Argentina where she continues her work at the national and international level as the Director of Grupo Negociar.

Strategic Partners

Grupo Negociar works internationally with an extensive worldwide network of external collaborators, which enables us to effectively cover our client’s needs.


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